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SAP is the world’s number 1 cloud software provider. When you visit their UK head office near Heathrow, you’re invited to their ‘experience’ centre, an immersive environment that transports you into their software and allows you to experience how it works virtually.

Their problem was that although the environment was incredible – futuristic and inspirational, they needed their sales teams to be able to bring it to life, matching their delivery with this incredible environment.

We spent time understanding what they were trying to achieve, how they wanted to use the space, how they wanted their customers to feel before, during and after the experience and what their sales team could say and do to achieve the objective.

The project resulted in some revolutionary delivery methods, (imagine running training in a planetarium), unique communication skills development (to bring the SAP world to life, virtually) and techniques for journey mapping the customer’s needs.

The project was so well received that SAP invited CXPeople back to deliver on two further occasions and to twice as many staff as originally planned.

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