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About Us


Founded in 2012, CXPeople has become synonymous with people development. Over 20,000 people from binmen to lawyers, croupiers to politicians and waitresses to ambassadors have been through our development programmes.

We believe that businesses who put the customer at the heart of what they do, and choose to communicate with them in a way that is strategic but with personality, have the greatest chance of positively differentiating themselves from their competition. By having an understanding of the simple but effective steps each person can take, your team have the ability to create successful relationships with customers that lead to loyalty and advocacy – two of the most important factors to your business’s success.

Our aim is to listen first – find out what you need and what will make the biggest impact, then design and deliver a solution that fits your people and culture.


Meet The Team

Say hi to James Rose

Hi. I’m James, the founder of CXPeople. I have over 25 years of business improvement experience, starting my career assessing the customer service skills of a financial call centre, reporting and advising on ways to improve. This quickly transitioned into managing my own teams, and then call centre, where we won numerous awards for the quality of service performance.

I am a psychology graduate, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and TAP (Training Accreditation Programme) qualified trainer. I use an interactive, informal approach to development, contextualising my wealth of experience to client needs so that techniques can be practically and easily applied for ‘real world’ use.

If you have a chance to work with me, you’ll find me to be a friendly and receptive advisor who is able to offer insightful advice that will invariably lead to future successes.

Say hi to Graeme

The pressures of daily life can impose huge demands on us, often where business and personal commitments collide.

I strongly believe that armed with powerful guidance and coping tools, you DO have the capability to overcome these barriers and choose the life you want to live and live it with passion. I have personally thrived on being an integral part of many people’s lives, businesses and enterprises over an expansive thirty-five working years. An invaluable grounding that has inspired me and allowed me to utilise my experiences to help other people via my established methods of powerful transformational coaching.

Since building up from scratch and selling my own business four years ago, I have achieved a personal ambition to practise as a top-level mindset coach, helping individuals and businesses grow and succeed. I have facilitated huge transformations, which are often triggered by untangling damaging issues and recognising where positive change can be affected. Whether in relationships, business, wealth creation and sport, I can help you create winning strategies for peak performance.

My philosophy for life and business is simple: If you love what you do and you’re passionate about it, with determination and commitment, you can enjoy the journey and reap the rewards you deserve.

Say hi to Carl White

Unusually, I started off life in a mix of theatre practice, retail operations and law with expertise in learning and development and employee engagement. With James, I co-authored the highly-regarded Customer Experience in Law report in 2012 endorsed by the UK College of Law. I also led the market-leading Australian CXINLAW research in 2015 and 2018 that examines the Client Experience Advantage for law firms, supported by the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA).

In 2018, I was invited to become a faculty member of the Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law. I have presented on Client Experience to Australia and New Zealand law societies, Law Institute of Victoria (LIV), and ALPMA. I am the former Vice President of the Continuing Legal Education Association Australasia (CLEAA) and faculty member of Queensland Law Society teaching client care and Client Experience on the Practice Management Course (PMC).

My work with CXPeople allows me to advise, design and virtually deliver training and consultancy services. Unless I’m out walking on the beach in Melbourne, as that takes priority!

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